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  • COVID-19 Response
    Milne Legal remains open for business while monitoring the situation in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have implemented social distancing and have put in place measures for remote telephone and computer access if necessary.
  • Proposed Amendments to Logan Planning Scheme 2015
    Public consultation is now open for a number of amendments to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015: Health Care Service Amendment, Housing and Lot Diversity Amendment, Major Planning Scheme Amendment 2021, and Mixed Use Zone Amendment. Click on "latest news" for more information on this amendment and how to make a submission.
  • Adopted amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014
    Current amendment: v23.00/2021 effective 10 December 2021, v22.00/2021 effective 3 September 2021, and v21.00/2021 effective 28 May 2021. Within 1 year of a planning scheme becoming a superseded planning scheme, a person may make a superseded planning scheme request (SPS Request) to a local government. Contact us for advice on lodging an SPS request.
  • Update to QLD Koala Mapping
    Since coming into force in February 2020, part of the mapping which supports the SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy 2020-2025. This update has included an additional 24,467 hectares of land in the LRKHA mapping. Click on "latest news" for more information on this update.

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Milne Legal is an active member of a number of industry groups supporting the area of Planning and Environment Law.