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Waste Management

  • Approvals and environmental management of two of the largest landfills in the southern hemisphere
  • The recent approval of a private transfer station
  • Defending criminal proceedings against waste management companies for spills or other infractions
  • Approvals for the reuse of sludge and chemical waste, including agricultural reuse
  • Incinerator approval and modifications
  • Waste water treatment

Noise and Odour

  • Acting for large pork and beef abattoirs
  • Poultry farming cases – acting both for the poultry farm owner/operator
  • Defend liquor licensing enforcement actions against pubs and clubs
  • Agricultural processing facilities
  • Low frequency vibration – for example, due to building construction defects or wind farms
  • “Reverse amenity” cases for industrial, commercial and agricultural operations


  • Overcoming refusals of development applications due to flooding concerns, whether due to river or ocean flood risk (tidal surge and global warming)
  • Compensation claims for flood impacts, including impacts due to government action or inaction
  • Stormwater drainage disputes, including overland flow agreements and easements

Vegetation and Fauna

  • Tree and vegetation clearing approvals
  • Overcoming refusals of development approvals based on fauna and flora issues
  • Offset arrangements and agreements
  • Marine plant removal approvals and defence in Fisheries Act prosecutions

Contaminated land

  • Removing listed sites from the registrar
  • Legal action for landowners subject to contamination and dumping by others
  • Underground movement of contaminants, such as petroleum products in groundwater
  • Redevelopment of “brownfield”  sites for residential and industrial purposes
  • Defence of entities accused of illegal dumping